"Letting You Let Me Down"


Three years after the acclaimed debut of The Evil Tenors Peach Fuzz album PotLuck is proud to present ICELANDER!  

We are lucky to have this at all after recordings that were lost twice (computer meltdowns), recovered twice, pieced together like Frankenstein's monster, and eventually served here with a plastic spoon.  This is stellar.....please enjoy and share!


Check out Independent Weekly's feature on PotLuck:

How label mishaps shaped one of the Triangle's most vital currents of local music

PotLuck Foundation, a loose collective of area artists who function as a record label even if they don't behave like one. Together, PotLuck co-founders Johnson, Maria Albani and John Harrison have built a purposefully shoestring operation that allows their friends to release records at their own pace, according to their own standards.

And it's working: In only three years, they've issued 24 titles, including a half-dozen in the past few months alone. PotLuck has become one of the Triangle's most vital currents of local music. They've learned that self-reliance offers some of the best label support imaginable.

"If you do it yourself," Albani says, "you have no one else to blame."


THE GOOD GRACES " Close to the Sun" is OUT NOW!  

We are happy to be co releasing this album with Fort Lowell Records. Download the digital version below and purchase the vinyl here!


(Free Download!)

A bunch of artists on potluck thought it would be fun to cover each others songs and a few of them actually did it.....check it out!


Le Weekend No Object

The music of Chapel Hill's Le Weekend is marked by stark contrast: moments of catchiest pop abandon give way to noisy freak outs. - INDY Week


Horizontal Hold This is Not a Living

Horizontal Hold is a weird-pop quartet from North Carolina. The members have been in many NC bands of the recent (and not-so-recent) past including Wembley, Shiny Beast, In the Year of the Pig, Actual Persons Living or Dead, CantwellGomez&Jordan, Taija Rae, Razzle, Drug Yacht, and others.


Wild Fur / Joshua Carpenter Split 7"

Wild Fur: It's not pop, rock, soul, country or electro so much as it is a vibrant export of them all at once...
- INDY Week
Joshua Carpenter: traces back through songsmiths Tobin Sprout and Matthew Sweet to Robyn Hitchcock and Ray Davies—nostalgia obsessives unafraid to dress their melancholy in pop trappings.
- INDY Week


Beauty World EP
Hand-printed CD/Download:

Once upon a time in Durham, there was Prypyat, the cello-and-guitar duo of Hammer No More the Fingers’ Duncan Webster and former Lost in the Trees member Leah Gibson. The pair only had one EP, 2013’s Floor to Sky.
But now, there's Beauty World, the pair formerly known as Prypyat. Gibson and Webster have a new self-titled EP (that is,Beauty World)...The songs amble along as Gibson’s cello lifts and smooths out Webster’s more punchy delivery...
- INDY Week


Curtains "Breathe to Death"  

with curtains, dash writes and records electronic pop songs using samplers, synthesizers, and vocal loops. Live, he reinterprets and reinvents the songs using only his voice, an array of guitar pedals, and hand percussion to render hypnotic, powerful performances.
– Headway Recordings

BRAND NEW ALBUM from Wichita Falls "...and the Dark Vibrations" but you can STREAM / DOWNLOAD NOW!


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