Potluck is very proud to release the latest album from North Elementary
Vinyl, CD or Digital
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BRAND NEW ALBUM from Wichita Falls "...and the Dark Vibrations" but you can STREAM / DOWNLOAD NOW!

Also be sure to catch them at the release show on April 4th in Raleigh NCUSA
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We're proud to present the new LP from
Rogue Band of Youth!
Physical release party at Nightlight in Chapel Hill on March 29th with Jphono1, TOW3RS, and Hospital Smokers!

This focused trio of Carrboro based musicians have been writing songs together since 2012, but even the impressive work on their previous EPs can't compare to the deft songwriting on display on Rogue Band of Youth. Tracks are contextualized with subtle field recordings that give an air of a warm southern days, tight harmonies give way to powerful melodies that soar atop a bed of delicate acoustic instrumentation. The album starts out with "Fair Shake," driven by a briskly fingerpicked acoustic guitar that slowly unfurls with a rolling vocal melody that gradually rises to a serendipitous three-part harmony seeping with emotion.
-Grant Golden, The Bottom String


New ROBES Video! 


Pleased to announce that Lakes&woods are the newest addition to the Potluck family!   Featuring members of Mayflies USA, North Elementary, Transportation and Fan Modine.  Listen/download their first single!  Buy a copy of the limited edition lathe cut / hand screenprinted 7" while they last!


Corey Pallon "Eat My Gore" Out Now!  FREE DOWNLOAD! 

Atlanta's Corey Pallon is a one-man-band, a competent multi-instrumentalist capable of backing his bracing pop-rock with layers of drums, guitars and keyboards. Though he's played in touring troupes before, including the Americana-leaning Pistolero, the songs on his wonderful new EP, Eat My Gore, make you wish that Pallon could tie himself to a band and do this permanently. He's a chameleonic presence, able to shift from the thoughtful musings of Silver Jews to the sad romanticism of Sparklehorse to the electric charges of Guided By Voices with ease. 
Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly


Felix Obelix "The Ringtone Album"!  

Featuring all the hallmarks of Felix Obelix’s idiosyncratic classical/pop/experimental style – mixed meter, unusual instrumentation, interconnecting melodies and rhythms – The Ringtone Album works both as a series of downloadable tunes for your phone, and an album to be listened to in its entirety. 

...insanely dense, yet brief pieces of vibrant music...The Ringtone Album is filled with just over thirty minutes of whimsy, much to my surprise I found myself unable to turn away from these brilliant tunes.
-Grant Golden, WKNC.org


OUT NOW!  Get Audubon Park's "Crazy Crazy for Feeling"!  Stream/Download/Share here!

Audubon Park's third album, Crazy Crazy for Feeling, is their best work yet, reveling in the sort of technical twists and stylistic sideshows that bands spend months sorting through in a practice space...Despite the infamously sporadic and duty-free activity of the band, Crazy Crazy is a fascinating and curious 12-song affair. "Closed Drapes" mixes the jangly with the droll, not unlike the best of the Silver Jews, before sprinting off into wild-eyed and wonderful guitar solos. "Tarantula, Dude" drifts through a slinking sort of soul, bittersweet harmonies cast over dark bass and bright keys. The indie rock dudes charmingly approximate black metal for "Hillsborough Nightfall," just after taking on the slow, graceful countenance of a Muscle Shoals session band for "Lady Western."
-Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly


New Schooner Album "Neighborhood Veins" is out NOW!

This gauzy, blown-out, beautiful pop record is the crowning achievement for Schooner and singer-songwriter Reid Johnson...an album that doesn’t ignore the past, doesn’t ignore the yesterdays good and bad that brought on today, but it also never falls into over-sentimentalizing loss and avoids the all-too-obvious trap of nostalgia. -Matt Fiander, Pop Matters (8 out of 10)

With its energetic songs and fuzzy guitars, Neighborhood Veins is sure to be an album you won’t stop listening to any time soon.-MAGNET Magazine

There’s a Spector-ish vibe fully in play on the album, as evidenced on such numbers as echo-chamber country-rock gem “Flames,” thrashy thumper “Trap,” waltz-time ballad “Floodlights and Ghosts” and ‘50s pop pastiche “Still In Love” (check the falsetto!). That widescreen, cinematic element becomes a signature over the course of the 12-song record, and it’s telling that right from the get-go, on opening track “It Won’t Matter” one receives sonic images ranging from Roy Orbison to the Righteous Brothers to the Velvet Underground.-Fred Mills, BLURT Magazine (4 out of 5)

Neighborhood Veins pulses with a thudding musical heartbeat that echoes in your ears long after the last notes have faded back into your speakers.-Beats Per Minute

Schooner sends you on a musical journey that traverses the territories of rock, country, folk, 50s doo-wop, and even throws in some chilled out trip-hop style ambience.-Deftune

...a deliciously loose stomp through clattering drums, whirring psych-ish guitars and a marvelously vivacious vocal delivery. It’s the kind of track that could only have come from America; the sound of great expanse, of stifled dreams and of the unending belief that anything is possible if we just sing loudly enough...-Gold Flake Paint (UK)

Durham-based rock group Schooner is psychedelic, soulful and downright dreamy. With its newest release Neighborhood Veins the group plays its cool with a nearly flawless delivery of contrasting tracks that don’t disappoint.-Daily Tar Heel (UNC) (4 1/2 out of 5)




the new CD from The Good Graces otherwise succeeds with its sweet ‘n’ wistful, pocket-sized indie pop. Coming almost exactly a year after their EP Wildcat Creek, the full-length Drawn to You repeats two of its four songs but that’s OK, they fit perfectly within this expanded layout. If Yo La Tengo’s quieter songs had more of a folksy feel to them, it might sound sorta like this.
-Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer


"Into The Pipe"

Vinyl is SOLD OUT!  But.......

Free Download/Share the "Into The Pipe"!

Jphono1 explores new elements in sounds and arrangements with his fuzz-frayed folk-pop. Fragments of electronics, acousticguitars, and keys join what at first resemble straight-forward compositions, only to break apart into unassuming lo-fi with casual psychedelia, finding a comfortable station at the intersection of Sparklehorse texture, Flaming Lips whimsy and Sebadoh introspection


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