Le Weekend celebrates 10 years with the new album "It Can't Be Youth"!  
Out on December 10th!  More information about Le Weekend the new album here!

Oh Yes.......there will be vinyl

Check out the first single!!


Check out the first 2 singles off of Shelles' inaugural LP Carousel, out September 16!



Check it - Boxing "Windows and Doors" is out now! Check out the beautiful videos for "Oh, Heath" & "Toxic," & purchase & listen to the full record below!!!

"Oh, Heath"


Oh shoot, See Gulls' 2nd release "Curtain Call" is out August 19!
Check out the first single "Boss Hog!!!"


Check it out ya'll!  Cameron Stengers 2nd album on Potluck is OUT NOW!

annnnnnnnd.........check out Cameron's new video!

To Be from Malina Chavez on Vimeo.


Surprise!  Potluck would like to welcome Lacy Jags to the family!  
They have a gift for you......a brand new EP "SCODES"!


Jphono1's "Time In The Chevron" is out now!
(Digital, CD and Vinyl Preorder)


GET READY - SOME ARMY's long awaited full length "One Stone and Too Many Birds" is out April 8!
Check out the preview video:

Some Army - One Stone and Too Many Birds from Some Army on Vimeo.

Preview a couple tracks:



Wonderful long format interview with Jphono1 over at
There's Something Pretty Fabulous About.....


We are super excited for you to hear the full album "Time In The Chevron" on April 1st!  Until then check out the first single "Codes"!


Potluck is over the moon about the new Knurr and Spell album "Ought"!  
Stream and Download Now!

Sean Parker once led Pleasant, a beguiling Chapel Hill group whose slanting melodies and oblong instrumental lines should have pushed the group to the audiences that greeted Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Oxford Collapse or even The New Pornographers. Pleasant split years ago, and Parker has finally brought his uncanny sense of twisting time and tone back to bear with the quartet Knurr and Spell. The band’s exciting debut, Ought, takes what was great about Pleasant and decorates it in fancier clothes, fostering a tension between the hard angles of Murphy’s writing and the softer approach of the veteran players around him. And bassist Betty Rupp is a righteous vocal foil for Parker, especially on the rising, redeeming “Oh My God, You Are Insane.” Grayson Haver Currin (Indyweek.com)


The Second Wife (Reese from The Dirty Little Heaters) Tourist is out November 10 - check out the first single off the record "Cracked Earth!"


Check It Out!   Brand new album "An Old Darkness Falls" by Magnolia Collective is ready for your ears!  Streaming, Digital Download, CD and Vinyl!....Give it a spin! 

Read these great reviews as well! 

Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol

Too Much Country


BRAND NEW ALBUM "At Wizard Island" by THE WYRMS!

We've teamed up with the amazing Negative Fun Records for this!  
Tape, CD and Digital Download!


We've teamed up with our pals at Negative Fun for a great new compilation of bands!  Check it out now and share with everyone!  IT'S FREE!


Eston & the Outs "AM Gold" is out soon!
Featuring members of The Love Language, SOON, Daddy Issues, & more! 

Preorder & listen here:

“Eston and the Outs charms with summery, retro-minded jangles. The songs gather doo wop, power pop, indie rock and a bit of folk into wistful, melodic gold.” ~ SG, Independent Weekly

“Eston delivers curiously obvious pop songs, Good Luck getting them out of your head after you hear it.” ~ Ashli Jean Cooper, www.sweetteapumpkinpie.com

“Eston and the Outs, one of the Triangle’s best new bands, eases out melodies (and concomitant harmonies) suited for antique radio dials.” ~Grayson Haver Currin, Independent Weekly

“Knave of the Heart, the 2014 album from the Eston who leads these Outs, is a restless mix of earnest emoting and old-school pop-rock grace.” ~Jordan Lawrence, Independent Weekly

See Gulls Debut EP "You Can't See Me" is out NOW!!!
Check out the INDY's front cover:

See the INDY Feature,
Sarah's advice column
BLURT's premiere
INDY's video premiere
Buy the record here!

Super excited to finally release two brand new singles from potluckers
Jphono1 and Lakes&woods!  

Get your very limited edition 12" lathe cut copy with
hand screen printed covers!  Only 20 available! 


Brand New Video from Jphono1 for the new single "Castles"!
Get Yer Smiles On!




Cameron Stenger "Carnival" is out now!

Cameron Stenger adds an uncommon sense of adventure to his soaring indie pop: One minute, he’s barbing the orchestral tunefulness of Andrew Bird with slacker rock distortion. The next he’s stripping some of the haze from Panda Bear-like jams, giving choruses better room to breath. Many might falter with such a heavy set of ideas, but Stenger’s songwriting remains distinct, a credit to the clear-eyed vision he brings to his material.
- Jordan Lawrence, INDYWEEK.com


SURPRISE!  Corey Pallon has a new EP for us all!  The mayor of turbo town is back with his new band of thieves and murderers......but dont be afraid......they are all laying in the grass watching the clouds making animal shapes and faces.  

"...and Thieves and Murderers" EP

 Corey Pallon, an Atlanta songwriter who strangely trusses Sparklehorse's muted wonders with Neutral Milk Hotel's kaleidoscopic bustle. His balance of depressive singing and radiant arrangements suggests a healthier id than those of the aforementioned references.
- indyweek.com